Monday, November 05, 2007

Planting Trees

Haha, you thought I was going to talk about planting actual real live trees didn't you (reminder to self: transplant the avocado tree, lest it die in it's tiny ittybitty pot at work). No, I am talking about a metaphorical tree...a Family Tree.

That's right, I started a Family Tree on Of course I'm too cheap to pay the $13/month, so I basically enter the information I know and then pray that my family members will do the same.

Speaking of ancestors and what not, you should check out Dani's blog because she finally finished the shadow box of great-great-grandma's glasses and she's got a picture up.


Ross said...

I actually anted up for this for one month, and it's totally worth it! All sorts of interesting things you can learn about your ancestors quite easily, mostly by piggybacking off of others' work. I'm thinking I might give each of my grandmas' a family tree for Christmas.

Ross said...

Just checked out Dani's blog, that shadow box looks great! Reminds me of that waitress at Zax on Halloween :)

Anonymous said...

This evening Dad was wondering why you don't have more of the tree up... I told him you probably didn't know more... and he said that was silly Grandpa gave all of us the family tree a few years back... I had to inform him that Grandpa gave HIM the tree and that's why you asked him to join. so hopefully he'll get his butt in gear and add to it. If not... I guess I can try finding it.
Yay for Ross looking at my blog and who is this waitress at Zax?