Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Ants

Oh my God, the ants. I had to commit mass insecticide today and I feel poorly about that, but it had to be done.

Mostly because my desk exploded with ants at approximately 4pm today. That's right, exploded.

I went to check voicemail and change the voicemail message for our dummy account and at some point I looked at my jacket and was like "hmm, that's funny, I've got two ants on my coat"

funny odd, not funny haha.

Now then, I've always had the stray ant around on my desk, and usually I just let them be because There's No food here! Carry on, nothing to see! and thus, the little scavengers go back to where ever they come from with the message of 'no food, look elsewhere'.

But today (oh today). After I noticed the two ants, I happened to look at the phone cord and there were another 3 ants, and then, like from a horror movie, I slowly turn my head to the left and THERE. ARE. ANTS. EVERYWHERE. They are forming long lines and just marching along my desk and they are all carrying little ant eggs with them.

So I started the insecticide. I grabbed my little tab markers (the little sticky note things that come in their own holder) and started mashing the ants with the sticky. Then I cleaned up stuff as well as I could (which is only funny because I throughly cleaned my office on Friday), and continued to catch the stray ant with another sticky note until I left at 7pm.

Watch, I'll come back tomorrow and I'll have to start from the beginning. Sigh.


Ross said...

Geez, should I bring the boric acid or something?

Jon said...

Oh, man, what a nightmare! I hate ants. A lot.

bond said...

don't send them my way! About a year ago I had them everywhere. It seriously impeded the ability to keep a well stocked candy bowl (and thus ensure my continued employment).