Friday, January 18, 2008

Trading Movies

Tonight, I think we are going to watch Real Genius. Most people I know like it,'s apparently got it's detractors (ahem).

When I was leaving, I ran into Bond and Colleen (not exactly hard since I normally say 'bye' to them on my way out) and Colleen says "What's that?"

So I hold up the movie and say "most people I know like it, so I'm going to watch it."

Her response: "OH! like the Best Little Whorehouse in Texas!"

"Yes...only the complete I said, people LIKED this movie."


Ross said...

I went to the Quote-A-Long of Real Genius at the Drafthouse, and even with several hundred nerds reciting lines, pointing lasers at the screen, and throwing popcorn everywhere, it's still an entertaining movie. Fun Hollywood fact: Star Gabe Jarret is Sarah Jessica Parker before the sex change operation! This movie is as close an approximation as there was of living in the dorm at UT, minus the lasers and about half the pranks :)

Dani said...

What's all these hyperlinks... your lazy sister doesn't have the time to look at them... ok I lie. Soon I'll check them out and I will know everything... everything I tell ya.