Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007: A Year in Review

Let's see here, this can be equated to a Christmas newsletter don't you think? I mean really, that's all Christmas newsletters are (aside from the whole "I hope this letter finds you happy, healthy, and god-fearing.")

January: I went crazy and bought like 16 yards of fleece fabric to use for making baby projects since everyone I knew was getting pregnant. Update on this: We still have like 12 yards of fabric left. And we had 2 ice days--which basically resulted in us not going to work for a total of 3 days (since the ice storm happened to coincide with MLK day).

February: Baby Shower for Calison and French Onion Soup Night. Yes, I believe we might have to have another French Onion Soup night.

March: My dad loses his wallet at a Las Vegas Casino (funny, that didn't make his Christmas Newsletter). Jesse and Kristie got married, and Grinder points out that I never post on this blog when I'm going to be going out of town. Something which I rectified at Thanksgiving time. And, most importantly, my car started it's decline into not working anymore. (And I guess I should explain that the car was referred to as "Satan Saturn" not because it had problems but because the license plate started with 666)

April: I got pulled over by a cop for having a tail light burned out. And I chopped my hair off. This happened to coincide with Shawn riding in the MS 150 from Houston to Austin.

May: I followed I.V.'s favorite toy around the house for a day. And my father-in-law was laid off.

June: Dani came down to Austin for a visit. Calison was born. And Shawn and I started our McKinney Falls debacle.

July: I noted that our bathroom was still unfinished. Updated Note: It is still unfinished--we have yet to put up the mirror. And one knob needs to be put on the cabinet door. And we still need to put up shelves of some sort. Okay, we're at about the same point we were back in July. Awesome. Yam was born. And dooce inspired me to take more pictures.

August: My car commenced it's slow, painful death. And most importantly, and most especially, I became an aunt when MyAm was born. I also posted proof of Shawn's mad sewing skillz.

September: The Satan Saturn died for the last time, and I got a NEW CAR (though it didn't arrive until the end of October). Bob came down to San Antonio for an interview and Elsie came along (that was the last time my car died--driving down to San Antonio to visit them). Pam, the baking goddess, and I also came up with a list of what people should wear AT ALL TIMES if they've been told they are going to be on Survivor. I also gave an update on the copious amount of TV we watch. Suffice to say it is "A lot".

October: My parents came down for a visit. And I lamented about what to wear for Halloween. I ultimately ended up wearing normal clothes and going as a "workaholic" yep. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Well, at least until such a time that I'm impeached for perjury. Also, someone delivered cyanide m&ms to my work for me. What a lovely thought...

November: It was National Blog Post Month. Which just basically means I blogged. A lot. So, obviously, not a whole lot of things happened. Which means I bored you all to death (Oh NOES!) We went back to Colorado for Thanksgiving. And I got into making a family tree. I then got my family into it, too.

December: I posted holiday relevant stories, and holiday relevant pictures. I also signed up for an walked in the Trail of Lights 5k. As I said though, we never finished. That's me, aiming for mediocrity.


Dani said...

here's to aiming for mediocrity-- may our years be full of it :)

Jon said...

Better mediocrity than theocrity!