Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stupid Cat

And his stupid hurting himself.

Yesterday he was let out, and at like 1pm he wanted back in. So he was let back in. About 2 hours later I noticed he was limping.

[Aside] This of course spawned a conversation on the correct use of "favored his leg" because I said that the leg he was holding up was being favored and Shawn says that the leg he was preferring to use was being favored. I just now looked it up on Favored: v. tr. entry 5: To treat with care; be gentle with. favored my wounded leg. Tina 1, Shawn 0 [/Aside]

I figured it was just something like his puncture wound he got on his shoulder was beginning to abscess, but alas, that has healed nicely with no problems. And besides, he was fine with me touching his shoulder, and fine with me touching his paw. He only made the sick kitty sounds when I touched the area under his body where the arm meets the body...but I couldn't feel anything weird. Figuring he just pulled a muscle or something, we decided to RICE it. Okay, really just the R part. Because really, have you ever tried to put ice and compression on a possible muscle tear on a cat? yeah, me neither and I really didn't feel like trying it yesterday.

And today he's all acting normally and being obnoxious all like "hey, let me outside! Hey, Hey you! let me outside. You're home today, which means I can go outside! LET! ME! OUT! SIDE! NOW!!!!"

yeah, he's like a 2-year-old.

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