Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stem Cell Research

This is going to revolutionize the world. Look into it. *

That is all.

*And now I fully suspect to lose some (if not all...I mean, I only have like 5) of my readers. That is because I'm a Satan-worshiping-heathen, and I'm going to hell. So. I think I shall enjoy the ride.**

**Unless I decide to become Buddhist. In which case, I guess I can enjoy my next life as a dog. ***

***Actually, I would rather like to be a dog. You know, one of the dogs that has super-cushy digs.


Jon said...

I find it interesting that Nancy Reagan now supports stem-cell research, since she lost Ronnie to Alzheimer's, one of the diseases for which stem-cell research seems to promise hope of a cure.

Funny how things start to look different when one of the lives potentially saved is yours, or someone you love. Early-stage fetal cells may or may not possess "life", but an adult or a child with an incurable disease sure as Hell does.

bond said...

This is a little disturbing to me: "First animal-human embryo trials to go ahead" http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/science/article3204128.ece

I'm not against it (in fact it sounds like a cool way to not have to use human eggs), but it is weird!!!

lon said...

You have certainly assured your place in hell.

That was sarcasm. I know you know, but your other 4 faithful readers who don't know me won't know, ya know.