Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So, Shawn's out of town (in colorado actually. on business. in boulder. I'm so jealous). And I decided "hey, why not make 5 days worth of spaghetti?" So I break out the big pot and get the water going. The noodles get boiled and then it's time to strain them.

So, I grab the pot holders and take the pot over to the sink (and the colander). I start pouring.

All of the sudden I'm like "hunh, that's funny, my stomach feels like I'm pouring really hot water on it."

The I realize that if feels like I'm pouring hot water on it because I AM pouring hot water on it.

I mean really, WTF? It's like Shawn goes away and everything goes to pot.


bond said...

Once in high school I had the stove on insanely hot (like close to 500) and I lean in to try to get this pizza stone thing out and the cross necklace I was wearing got hot enough to leave a mark on my chest. I was so disappointed it didn't leave a scar. That would've been hard core awesome. Like the dragon scars David Carradine had in Kung Fu. Maybe one day.

Jon said...

Yeah, but if you ever became a vampire, that would suck!