Saturday, January 19, 2008

Real Genius

I told Shawn last night that we were going to watch Real Genius and he said "okay, sounds good." Then, he looked at the DVD box. Then the complaining started. At first I thought he had something against Val Kilmer and I was like "BUT DUUUUDE! Best line ever! 'I'm your huckleberry.'!"

Then the truth came out: The movie was made in the 80's. Therefore, it had to be bad.

Psh! Weird Science was not bad.

But no, Real Genius was good, not great, not something I want to watch over and over and over, but it definitely was not 'bad'

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Jon said...

I liked it. Then again, I was in college, myself, in the 80s.

I, however, am a mere Fake Genius.