Saturday, January 19, 2008


[Aside] I am a dork. I should have left about 25 minutes ago to make it to Bond and David's house on time, but instead I have decided I NEED to blog about this before I forget it [\Aside]

We went to Lowe's to get stuff so I can start my seeds a' growin' (check gardenblog for why)

Anyhow, we're waiting in the line (outside, in the cold) and the lady in front of us is buying like over 100 plants.

She and her daughter get to the checkout stand and the guy just looks at all the plants like "Oh. My. God." and the lady proudly says "We've got 6 flats of the yellow, and 3 flats of the purple."

And the checkout guy responds, "how many plants is that?" as it's pretty obvious that the term 'flat' means nothing to him.

Somehow, even though they had a total of 9 flats at 6 plant-packs per flat (which should be 54 plants), they determined that they had 106 plants.

so the guy enters in 106 plants at a cost of $1.75 per plant, and your total is $185.50 add in the 8.25% sales tax and your total is $200.80

The lady freaked out and stated "No, annuals are cheap, I was a landscaper for years, you can do a lot of landscaping for $200 and this surely does not cost $200!"

Thankfully she and her daughter said that we should go ahead since we had dirt and a light bulb.

By the time we left, they had 2 Lowe's guys, the daughter and the mother going through and hand counting each plant.

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Jon said...

Shoulda called this post "Real Moron"