Sunday, January 27, 2008

Veet vs. Nair

Yes, I know, this is of GREAT importance to all of you readers. Especially all you male readers.

Which is better? Veet wax strips or Nair wax strips?

By far, the winner is Veet. The strips have more wax, and I think because of that, the wax sticks better to the hairs, and even more importantly, the wax doesn't have the tendency to come off of the strip and stick to your leg.

Nothing hurts more when waxing legs than pulling on the hairs, but not actually removing them.


Jon said...

All I've ever used to remove leg hair is a mixture of pavement and speed, with a dash of gravity. Very efective.

Ross said...

When I decide to become an Olympic class swimmer, I will keep this in mind.