Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Weird Cop

There was a cop today.

He was standing on the median by a crosswalk in the neighborhood. He appeared to just be standing there and taking notes. And of course getting everyone to stop at the stop sign instead of rolling through it. He never waved at anyone to have them pull over, he never smiled, he never moved. He didn't even say 'hi' to the little girl that crossed the street in front of me.

He did, however, write furiously in his little notebook after each car drove away though.

We're waiting for a ticket to come via mail for having those license plate holders on our cars. You know the ones, the ones that cover up the word "Texas".


Jon said...

Now we know where Barney Fife ended up.

Ross said...

Maybe it was the M&M guy posing as a cop? ;)

Matt said...

please sign me up for mark cubans company. i will work there and travel the US.

dave said...

Next time, stare at him from across the street and pretend to make notes in a little notebook.