Thursday, January 24, 2008

I don't know why....

I'm even thinking of doing this....But today I went over to the Daily Coyote Blog to check out the daily photo op and what do you know? Cat Balls!

[Aside] Doesn't that just sound like a great thing to say? in the same genre of "Aw! Horse Shit!"? [/Aside]

Anywho...I took one look at the photo and said to myself "hmm, I wonder if the cat is neutered...I mean, his balls look to be on about the same scale as Quazi's."

And thus, I will post pictures of my cat's [non-existent since he's been neutered] balls. And then you can discuss amongst yourselves about the theory that it's quite possible that the Vet lied to me and did not, in fact, neuter the cat as asked.

[Aside] No, really, Quazi is neutered. Furthermore, he acts like a neutered cat. Thus I do believe that the vet really did neuter him... as Dr. Frank-n-furter would say, "He's got big balls". [/Aside]

1 comment:

Ross said...

Well, if it reassures you at all, Dozer also gives the same, non-neutered impression.