Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A different point of view

The other night, at Lon and Daniella's, we had a conversation about a previous blog I had written...As such, I feel it is only fitting to post another blog about a different TV show which, on occasion, annoys me because of the "listen to me because I am the almighty boob-tube" vibe it sometimes sends out. Please note that CSI:Miami always annoys me--but this is because of the bad acting and for no other reason than that.

Dear Fox (and trust me, I KNOW how weird this is going to sound),

Thank you for your pro-choice views (or shall we call them pro-abortion views? as we all know that's what they really are) that have recently been expressed on your hit TV show, House. I just don't know what I would do if I did not have the most rude, angry, and generally high-as-a-kite 'doctor' telling me at every turn that babies (or 'fetuses' as he likes to call them) are the devil and need to be destroyed post haste.

I can think of at least 4 episodes in which he actively has lobbied the woman in question to destroy "the parasite". In 2 of those cases, the pregnancy was not life threatening to the mother. In one case it was life threatening until the team of doctors figured out what was causing the problem, and even then, he still advocated abortion over surgery. And in the last case, the mother chose (Ah free will, thy art a loathsome bitch) to continue her pregnancy even though it meant that she was going to die. Naturally, she must have been insane. I am so glad to see that he has never suggested to any of these pregnant women that they should keep the baby, or explore a different option. You know, such as adoption.

And onto to my next point: Religion.

I understand that House thinks he is God (and I mean, who doesn't?). This is why I think it is so awesome that he ridicules everyone for their personal religious views. He has so far ridiculed Catholic Nuns...and Hasidic Jews....and Agnostics. Oh, whoops, my mistake, he hasn't yet made fun of any Agnostics. Or Atheists. Or Buddhists, Hindus, Hare Krishnas, Scientologists, or non-denominational Christians. So I guess he's only an ass to the ones that you can tell on the outside are of strong religious conviction. Besides, we all know that the reason the world is at the point it is now (on the track to hedonism and hell) is because of the Catholic Nuns and Hasidic Jews.

Love much,


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