Sunday, February 17, 2008

I swear! only 2 more posts!

This one is the promised post about dealing with delayed flights from Chicago. (the last one will be a link to all of Shawn's pictures from the trip)

For our return flight from Vegas we were supposed to be taking off at 345pm. Because I'm neurotic, I said "you know, we should probably leave the hotel by about 1245." I don't know why I said this. It only takes 15 minutes, by taxi, to get to the airport from just about anywhere on the strip. Anyhow, we got to the airport and got checked in by like 130.

Right before we got in the security line, we checked the departures board.

All the United flights to Denver (except ours) were delayed. By more than an hour.

By the time we got through security and to our gate, our flight had been delayed an hour. Since the United Flight to Denver right before ours was also delayed, and was now projected to be leaving at 3pm, we went ahead and put ourselves on the standby list. This is when we found out all of the United flights were delayed because of inclement weather in Chicago. (DAMN YOU CHICAGO!)

Somehow we managed to get on that flight ,though of course we couldn't sit next to each other. Instead I got to sit with two ex-fratboys-now-turned-chiropractors. Yeah...that was fun.

We land in Denver, and get to our regularly scheduled flight from Denver to Austin. As soon as we show up, the gate keeper picks up his intercom and calls us up to the desk. We get up there and ask, "did you just call us?" And with great disappointment in his voice he says," guys made it."

This is when we learned they had overbooked the flight from Denver to Austin. Again. Yes, United has the really bad habit of horribly overbooking this particular flight. But of course, maybe it works because by the time we were boarding they were reading off their huge list of standbys that made it on...Actually I think the only person that didn't get on the flight was some guy who was obviously drunk...or stoned...or both.

Anyhow, next time we take United from Denver to Austin, we're going to take them up on their offer of "switch to Frontier and get a free flight to anywhere in the continental US!"

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