Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mixed Signals

I'm getting mixed signals from my doctor.

Every year when I go to the doctor, they always make me stand on the scale and inevitably go "105. hmm...ok." and then the doctor comes in, looks at the chart and says "'re a little underweight. I'd like it if you could maybe put on a few more pounds."

and I say "ok, I'll try."

Then, the other day, I get my 'summary results' from the doctor's office--it's a new thing they're doing where they send a little letter that basically says "good news, everything's normal. or at least as normal as we expect it." it will also have comments from the lab tech based on your results listed.

Apparently, the lab person thinks I'm overweight because I had the following comment on my chart: "exercise more, eat less calories."

Now then, I'm not sure, the the last time I checked, when you exercise more, you burn more how exactly is me eating less calories supposed to help me gain weight?


Dani said...

Hey what do you know... I get the same results... I told mom about this and she told me that we need to stop eatting junk food... but then I point out to her that the 1,000 cals that i get because a junk would turn into something like 400 cals if i eat better and therefore would lose weight hand of fist and she got upset and was like 'well, out of the two high choestol is the worst.'

katina said...

well, I think my problem is the cheese honestly...that and I'm pretty sure the triglycerides are high because of all the pasta we eat...I really need to switch to wheat pasta instead of semolina pasta.