Friday, February 01, 2008

Who says girls are bad with directions?

I just got off the phone with Shawn. He's in Boulder with his parents. They're going to eat at the Med (Which, by the way, is my favoritist restaurant of all time...I'm so jealous).

Shawn, for whatever reason, decided the Med was on Pearl Street. Good guess. But that's just it-- a guess. He's been there like 4 times and he doesn't remember where it is. Anyhow, after walking the entire length of Pearl Street, he finally calls and is like "hey, I've got a question. Where's the Med?" And I immediately answer "Walnut Street. Two blocks west of the Walnut Brewery. It's on the same block as the Walrus Saloon, but across the street. Where are you? Okay, from the end of Pearl Street, turn toward campus, walk to Walnut, go west a block." "Wait, WEST?" "Yes." "Are you sure?" "90% sure." "..." "...Fine. I'll google it...Yes, I was right: end of Pearl street, two blocks south to Walnut, one block west to 10th-ish...or rather, where 10th would be if it didn't dead end."

He didn't believe me. And I could hear Elsie in the background going "where are you going!? We're going the wrong way! You're leading us all over the place, do you have ANY idea where you're going?" I would have been the same way. he made them walk at least half a mile (it's half a mile if they had gone directly from the parking garage to The Med, but they didn't...they turned around a couple of times and had to back track and what not), AND it only feels like 22 degrees. Yeah, I would have been more cranky than "do you know where you're going?"

They found it though, right where I said it was.

Who says girls are bad with directions?

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Dani said...

damn right!!! on a side note. I ran into Shawn and the parents... it was a little weird and all I was thinking was I should have kept your gift in the car. oh well, here's to finding things in the mail.