Friday, February 29, 2008


Ann Coulter = working for the democrats
Ralph Nader = working for the republicans

Points for this theory:

Ann has said she thinks all republicans should go out and vote for Hilary Clinton because she feels a Hilary Presidency will do more good for the republicans than any of the other candidates out there. This is because Hilary will screw up the presidency so badly that it would guarantee a republican white house for the next 20 years. Any other candidate and it's democrat for the next 20 years.

Nader has run for the presidency before. It was determined at that time, that he was taking votes away from Gore (...or for a different spin, maybe he didn't take any votes from Gore, he just got people to go out and vote...voters that otherwise wouldn't have voted). Ergo, it would seem to be in the republican's best interest to have Nader run for the presidency, and hope for a repeat of 2000. Honestly, I think he should have waited to announce his candidacy...mostly because he'll get more votes if Hilary is the democratic choice than he will if Obama is the victor.

But there you have it. Ann is a democrat, and Ralph is a republican.

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Ross said...

I also heard that the diabolical Karl Rove was trying to orchestrate an Obama victory, so they can use the dirt on him that they have secreted away to ensure a McCain victory. I pointed out Karl Rove is spreading that rumor so that Hillary will win, which is really what he wants because they have dirt on Hillary. It does go round and round.