Saturday, February 16, 2008

Part of Vegas is not for Children

And that is the part where you walk on the street.

That is because there are people making minimum wage handing out cards for 'strippers'. These cards are pretty graphic. The people handing out the cards do not hand them to children, and they rarely will hand them to women, but the problem is that as soon as some guys grab one of the cards, they look at it, their eyes bug out, and then they immediately drop it and subsequently rub their hand on their shirt or pants. As if the 5-second rule also works for things you pick up--"I only held it for 3 seconds, that means I didn't really take one!" Of course this now means that instead of these cards being in someone's hand, or in the trash, they are all over the sidewalk.

And this is what makes Vegas not for kids.

When we were walking back from the Bellagio Fountains, we were walking behind a family. Parents with two small girls (small being in the 6-8 range--old enough to walk and keep up with mom and dad).

The dad told the daughter he was holding hands with, "Look up at the sky! don't look at the ground!" Which, of course, for a 6-yr-old is easier said than done. One, they're close to the ground. Two, they probably don't have this walking without watching where they're going thing under control yet. Three, it doesn't help much that your dad, who is leading you around by the hand, forgets that you're not supposed to be watching where you're going so he keeps leading you into fence posts and whatnot.

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Brad said...

We had a bit of fun with the "nudie" trading cards several years back during the bicycle trade show.

That year saw the introduction of a new suspension fork called the "Judy"...just so happens one of the nudie all stars cards had the heading "HI, I'm Judy!" with some big titty, spread cheeky action. Well somehow a few of those ended up hanging around the fork legs on day two of the show.

No idea how....